Amongst the Chaos
Amongst the Chaos
Amongst the Chaos
Amongst the Chaos

Amongst the Chaos

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'Amongst the Chaos' - This collection of abstract human sculptures in hand-carved wood transcends traditional artistry, encapsulating both artistic passion and human emotion. In a world filled with art, "Among the Chaos" truly shines. Each sculpture originates from carefully selected blocks of wood, chosen for their distinctive textures and grains. Our artist breathes life into these wooden canvases through an intimate dance with their chisel, capturing the very essence of human emotions. What sets these sculptures apart is the meticulous finishing process. We adorn each piece with a rich black stain, infusing an air of mystique and intrigue. This amplifies the play of light and shadow, harmony and chaos within each sculpture, revealing the hidden textures and adding a profound depth to the artwork.

Dimensions(inches)- Short- 12*12*40

Dimensions(inches)- Medium- 12*12*47

Dimensions(inches)- Tall- 12*12*55

Primary Material Wood - Solid Wood(Spruce)

Primary Material Wood Finish - Stain + Pu Matt

Metal Material - Mild Steel

Metal Finish - Powder Coated

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